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Training as a “beer sommelier”

Trennlinie Symbol

By training as a “beer sommelier” we smooth the way for you to become an expert on beer.

Our offer is aimed at restaurant owners and personnel working in catering, employees from the beverage trade and from breweries. But in particular also at the “man” and the “woman in the street”, who want to learn more about beer. In this way Austrians can and should be proud of their beer culture. Also because of their knowledge about beer! Training to become a beer sommelier in Kaltenhausen is authorized by and takes place under the patronage of the Association of Austrian Breweries.

Duration: 2 x 3 days training + 1 examination day, 2 field trips are optional

Cost: € 1,080.- + VAT + examination fee (currently € 50.-)

Course instructor: Master Brewer Günther Seeleitner

Examination: Project work, written, oral and practical examination

Title: Authorization to use the professional title “beer sommelier”, authorization to wear the beer sommelier symbol, certificate

Events 2019

Event 1:
07.-09.03.2019 + 20.-22.03.2019 + 23.03.2019 (Examination day)

Event 2:
02.-04.05.2019 + 15.-17.05.2019 + 18.05.2019 (Examination day)

Event 3:
19.-21.09.2019 + 09.-11.10.2019 + 12.10.2019 (Examination day)


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